Storytime in the NICU Play

Storytime at NICU

Stanford researchers seek to demonstrate how parents talking can influence healthy development in preterm babies.


Bob Zimmerman, volunteer “Cuddler” wins Visa Volunteer Award

Bob Zimmerman, volunteer “cuddler” at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and a full-time Visa employee, received the Visa Volunteer Award for January-July 2014. As part of his recognition, Visa is donating $5,000 to the hospital in a salute to the work of cuddlers and other volunteers.


News about Newborns, Delivered Each Morning

For parents dealing with a sick newborn, access to their baby’s condition needs to be clear and immediate. While conversations with the physician or nurse are a key source of information, Packard Children’s found another way to keep parents updated and in the loop.


A Rocky Start

Katie Jo Shuman pitches for her school’s softball team, and loves basketball and soccer. She also has an artistic, entrepreneurial streak: One of her hobbies is designing and selling jewelry for good causes.