Staying Celiac Strong, Together

During our “Celiac Strong” event, we brought together tremendous minds who spoke about every aspect of celiac disease, including how it affects the body, how to eat gluten-free, and the psychological impacts of celiac disease.


Twins Share Everything, Including Celiac Disease

When Joseph and Devlin went for their wellness check at age 5, their pediatrician noticed that they were not gaining weight like they should. She suspected celiac disease—an autoimmune disorder that is genetically passed on within families.


When Building a Family Doesn’t Come Easily

In honor of the Mental Health Awareness Month and the recent National Infertility Awareness Week, we asked our experts to discuss a very specific topic: the emotional challenges people have when trying to get pregnant but not succeeding.


Soccer Player Wins the Long Game of Scoliosis Treatment

Macy is sharing her scoliosis care story to inspire other girls who are diagnosed with scoliosis as preteens. She wants them to know that they will make it through. Her advice is to “just keep going week to week and focus on something you love to do, letting it carry you to the other side.”


Three Innovations Shorten Heart Transplant Patient’s Wait Time

It started as a simple persistent wet cough, something Eloise (Ellie) McCloskey’s mom, Aubrey, noticed before spring break of second grade, and it quickly escalated from there. After a week in the hospital and an echocardiogram and tests, the family received the news. Ellie had dilated cardiomyopathy—a disease of the heart muscle—and her heart was slowly failing.


Premature Baby Turns 2 After Traumatic Start

Juliana Vidigal was just shy of 26 weeks pregnant when she started bleeding and feeling abdominal pain. She immediately called her neighbor, who gave her a ride to a nearby hospital in San Francisco. The news wasn’t good.


On the Road to Normal Eating for Baby Born With Laryngeal Cleft

At our aerodigestive center, we have a large multidisciplinary team—ENTs who intimately understand airway disorders, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists who specialize in babies with swallowing disorders, pulmonologists who concentrate on aspiration, and gastroenterologists who understand reflux in the context of cleft.


Six Adopted Kids, All With Special Needs

The Moore family of Concord, California, has set a record for having the most kids from one family receiving care at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health. We couldn’t think of a nicer family to reach this milestone.

Mother holding baby illustration Play

Increasing Rates of Kangaroo Care for Everyone

At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, a team of neonatologists are tackling health equity—making sure every patient has the same opportunity to be healthy—especially when it comes to kangaroo care (holding your baby with your skin touching).