What is Croup and What Causes It?

Croup is a common respiratory illness that affects babies and young children. Farah Shahin, MD, pediatrician with Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, shares the signs and symptoms of croup and the various treatment options.

How and Why Kids Get Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common ailment for many children. Jasmin Makar, MD, a pediatrician at Town and Country Pediatrics – San Francisco, explains why kids are more prone to ear infections and discusses practical ways to ease their discomfort and prevent future bouts.

Getting Help When the Baby Blues Don’t Go Away

“The main difference between postpartum baby blues and postpartum depression is really a timing and intensity issue postpartum,” says Teresa Tan, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health in Mountain View.

What Parents Need to Know About Managing Teen Acne

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health pediatrician Nivedita More, MD, of Bayside Medical Group – Fremont, shares some tips for parents to help their children cope with acne. Pediatrician Nora Fahden, MD, of Bayside Medical Group – San Ramon also explores this topic in a HealthTalks podcast.

Cold or Allergy: How to Tell the Difference

Pediatrician Soniya Mehra, MD, MPH, of Bayside Medical Group – Fremont, part of Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is here to explain some key differences that can help you determine whether your child is suffering from a cold or allergies.

How to Encourage Your Children to Have Healthy Eating Habits

As a parent and caregiver, you play an important role in making healthy choices for your children and in teaching them to make healthy choices on their own. Here are some tips from clinical pediatric dietitian and nutritionist, Venus Kalami on some simple things you can do to help your family establish healthy eating habits.

Healthy Skin Habits for Your Family

Pediatrician Nora Fahden, MD, with Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Bayside Medical Group in San Ramon, offers some tips for keeping skin healthy and what to do when there’s a problem.

Eating Well with Celiac Disease

Stanford clinical pediatric dietitian differentiates between celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is of particular importance when dining out.

Health Care Issues Facing Families Today

How much screen time is OK? How can I help my child build healthy habits? There’s no manual for raising a child, but Jasmin Makar, MD shares tips with Sue Hall of 96.5 KOIT to keep your child healthy.