Baby on the move? It’s never too early to babyproof your home!


Babyproofing your home takes longer than you might realize — but it’s time well spent. You’d be surprised at how easy it is for curious babies to get into trouble. Each room poses a different set of thrilling new things to explore — and also dangers. We spoke with a Stanford Medicine Children’s Health pediatrician, Tomomi Hayashi, MD, at  Stanford Medicine Children’s Health Pediatrics – Los Gatos, to hear what advice she gives to new parents.

Q:  When is a good time to babyproof?

Dr. Hayashi: I always encourage parents to start babyproofing as soon as possible. It takes longer than you think and getting it done early removes a lot of stress for parents. I like to discuss babyproofing with parents at the baby’s 2 -and 4-month checkups. I remind parents that even before crawling, there are many dangers for little ones who can place objects in their mouths, touch a hot cup, or quickly grab sharp objects that are within reach.

Q: What guidelines do you give parents who have a baby who is starting to crawl?

Dr. Hayashi: Crawling and exploring new environments add a big element of danger in a space that has not been properly babyproofed. Fingers can find electrical sockets and objects such as small toys, coins and batteries can go into mouths. Even things you don’t think they can reach may be brought down by a simple pull of a table cloth or shake of a stool. Babies are curious and will explore anything they can!

Q: What rooms are most important to childproof?

Dr. Hayashi: Any room that the baby will be in! I suggest parents actually get down on their hands and knees and explore each room as their baby might do. It’s important to see everything your baby might be intrigued in from his or her perspective. I also recommend blocking off the kitchen completely which can be a very dangerous room. For the top of the stairs, make sure you place gates that are bolted to the wall. Finally, don’t forget to quarantine any pool or open water areas! Babies should not be moving around unsupervised at any time.

Dr. Hayashi also tells parents about the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website which provides helpful information on products that have been recalled due to safety issues at


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  1. Michael G.

    Hmm, not a thorough breakdown of baby proofing I came here hoping to read. Not much here at all. Our 11 month old is roaming and need as much advice on baby proofing as we can get.


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