Hush little baby: How to soothe your crying newborn

Mom soothing baby

It’s a simple fact: babies cry. And it can take a toll on parents as well as for baby, especially when everyone is already exhausted. Perhaps that’s why pediatricians find that one of the most frequently asked questions from new parents is, “how do I stop my newborn from crying?”

To get some answers, we spoke with Vanita Jindal, MD, a Stanford Medicine Children’s Health pediatrician at Peninsula Pediatric Medical Group in San Mateo.

“To soothe a crying baby, I recommend trying the 5 S’s,” says Dr. Jindal. “Those include: Swaddling, Side or Stomach position, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking (on a pacifier, finger or breast).”

Many experts agree that these simple motions and actions can help simulate the womb and help calm a fussy baby.

Dr. Jindal also recommends reading the book “Happiest Baby on the Block” as a reference for these techniques. She also adds, “Remember that a well-fed baby with a clean diaper may still cry, which is completely normal. Just take deep breaths and the 5 S’s can help tremendously!”


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