Setting Down New Roots


Trees on the site of the Packard Children’s Hospital expansion have been boxed and stored, and are ready to be replanted once the project is complete. Heritage trees have been preserved; 12 protected oaks and redwoods have been carefully prepared and put in safekeeping so they can be transplanted later, and four have already been relocated to new sites on the university campus to provide better growing conditions. The relocation experts report that the roots are cut “like a piece of wedding cake” to compact the rootball system. Once the new roots are established, the tree can be transplanted with minimal damage or loss.

In cases where a tree could not be replanted, the mulch and chippings were recycled and used on campus grounds and gardens. Some redwood trees have been harvested, and the wood is being incorporated into some of the new garden constructions. In fact, lumber from nine redwoods will be used to construct a trellis in the Children’s Discovery Garden.


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