Two Generations Thriving Following Dr. Sunshine’s Care

Shannon Ivarson and her 9-year-old twins, Whitney and Nolan, have a special history with Phil Sunshine, MD. Both generations were both treated by him and today, they are thriving.

It started in 1981 when Shannon was born at Stanford Medicine. Born nearly three months early at 29 weeks, she was transferred to neonatology for breathing issues, a brain bleed, and a double hernia. Dr. Sunshine was there to provide her the care she needed for her to get the best start.

Thirty-one years later, Shannon gave birth to Whitney and Nolan. Just like her, they were born at 29 weeks, and faced health challenges from the start. To her surprise, Dr. Sunshine walked through the door to help and she knew she was in good hands.

 “When our twins were born so early, that was one of the scariest times in our lives,” she says. “To know that they were at one of the best hospitals with one of the pioneers of neonatology as we know it today, it just provided an extra level of comfort that they were going to be getting the best care. We just want to thank him for providing such a high level of expert care to preemies over such a long period of time.”


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