The Next Generation of Storytelling

Story corner of Packard Children's Hospital expansion

They can be inspiring or educational, funny or spellbinding, but the age-old tradition of reading stories aloud helps kids expand their horizons, learn about new worlds, and simply relax. At Packard Children’s, story-time will take on a whole new perspective in the Story Corner planned for the hospital expansion.

The space will feature an interactive wall that uses digital technology to display images that kids can manipulate by moving their hands and bodies. Lights, flowers, designs, and other visual elements are projected on the wall and react to viewers touching the screen or waving.

“It’s technologically advanced, but kids just seem to be able to figure it out on their own,” says Colette Case, director of Child and Family Life Services. “They know just what they want to do with the images.”

Located in a far corner off the ground-floor lobby—making it out of the way but easily accessible for families waiting for scans or test results—the area will feature bookshelves loaded with books and scheduled story-telling sessions when Packard Children’s librarians or volunteers will read aloud.

Designed to be flexible, the space can also be used for arts and crafts activities and will have a lot more enticements for kids, including an adjacent a broadcast studio and a nearby library for easy access to a wide selection of reading material and suggestions from a trained volunteer.


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