One of the important spaces inside the Main building is the Sanctuary


As we look back at opening the new Main building, one of the spaces that has become so meaningful to families is the Sanctuary.

“We have witnessed staff and families with tears in their eyes, as they express gratitude for this space; many of whom take time to write in the prayer journal” said the Rev. Diana Brady, director of chaplaincy services for Stanford Medicine Children’s Health.

The Sanctuary is a place for all faith traditions, providing a peaceful place for prayer, quiet meditation and reflection. The space is always open, so patients, families, and staff can attend to their own spiritual or religious practices and cultural rituals when they desire.

“The Sanctuary is a place for rest and renewal for people from all faiths. Our patients and families come from all over the world, bringing with them their own spiritual and cultural values, beliefs, and practices,” Brady added.


To accommodate diverse needs, chaplains honor every faith journey and are here to assist in meeting patients and families unique spiritual needs. The Sanctuary is equipped with a wide range of spiritual resources, a menorah, a Catholic crucifix, a Protestant cross, a Buddhist singing bowl, a Hindu Ganesh, prayer rugs and a subtle bronze inlay in the floor that points to Qibla, the direction of Mecca.

There are number services available to patients, families and staff. Brady is also working to broadcast services on a designated channel so that families who are bedside can also participate.

Services in the Sanctuary:


Christian Prayer 7:30-8 p.m.


Jum’ah Islamic prayer and reflection 1-1:20 p.m.

Welcome Shabbat 2-2:30 p.m.


Catholic Mass 1 p.m.


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