How Does the Garden Grow?

GreenSpace Discovery Garden

For children and expectant mothers who come to Packard Children’s, the new gardens will be a retreat where the sights, smells, and sounds of nature can be savored. The hospital is adding more than three acres of greenery, connecting the new facility to the existing one while providing a backdrop of calmness and serenity.

The design incorporates green roofs, low-water demands, a cistern to store rainwater, and native plants. Some areas will be dense with regional flowers, while others will feature native and drought-tolerant plants, including grasses, shrubs and trees that blend in with the community as well as the California climate. The landscapes also will provide habitats for local birds and insects.

Quarry Walk

Designed with attention to the standards of security, comfort and safety unique to a hospital setting, each outdoor area will incorporate plants and amenities for different needs—places where kids can let off steam, parents can take a break, and staff can relax and unwind.

The designers worked closely with a variety of groups to develop the concept and incorporate natural elements. Heritage trees have been preserved and more than 20 protected oaks and redwoods have been relocated to a new site to provide better growing conditions.


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